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Provadia Salt Mines Archaeology Project

In partnership with Tianderah Private Foundation, American Foundation for Bulgaria has supported Provadia Salt Mines Archaeology Study Project.

A team of Bulgarian and foreign historians, lead by Prof. Vasil Nikolov, has been reasearching the site of the salt mines at the town of Provadia. There is a tomb, dating back to pre-historic times 8 000 B.C., which the archaeologists excavate since 2006. In their research, they have discovered a well established civilazation, based on highly developed, and efective tëchnology of production of salt. The world scientific community refer the site as the Europe's oldest pre-historic town.


After a difficult choice between 89 films preselected from 1420 entries the International Jury gave awards in 11 categories and assigned 6 special mentions. 

Winners at the jubilee 15th edition of International Early Bird Student Film Festival which took place in Cultural Centre G8 and NATFA Cinema Hall between 01 and 05 th November, 2019:

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